Generadores Eléctricosergia Para Llevar Contigo

You can heat up any liquid inside the Lanyard, Micro, Nano and Explorer generators

With Powerspot you've got both an electric generator and a piece of kitchen equipment. The materials from which our liquid-holding containers are made are suitable for heating and eating food. Thus, the PowerSpot generators that use a liquid allow you to heat food or hot drinks while you generate and use electricity. This is an important advantage because it enables to optimize the usage of the heat source in environments where it is not continuously available, or where the transport of various materials becomes complicated.

The Thermix generators can raise the temperature of a room by 10ºC

In addition to producing electricity, PowerSpot thermoelectric generators employing air can supply a stream of air of up to 45 m3/hour, raising the temperature of a 10 m2 room by 10°C Thanks to this feature the PowerSpot generators are not only an energy solution for isolated or remote homes far away from a power supply, but also contribute to its habitability.

We have generators that work with any source of heat

The Micro and Nano generators are especially designed as climbing equipment, so they work with the flame of portable gas stoves. The remaining generators work perfectly on any type of burner or heat source (alcohol, kerosene, wood, charcoal, embers, stoves...). that you can have an electrical generator without any maintenance PowerSpot Explorer is our most resistant generator. It is designed to operate independently and with no maintenance, to be used as a power supply in the most hostile environments where repairs or replacement of parts implies a problem. This model carries a self-refilling valve that connects the generator to a tank or the water supply and fills up as the liquid evaporates. Thus, this model can work continuously without having to check the level of liquid in the container.

You could use PowerSpot for up to 50,000 hours continuously

The PowerSpot generators are designed to operate continuously without breakdowns or maintenance. Any one of our models is made for a lifetime of 50,000 hours of continuous use. For those who need a fixed power supply the PowerSpot Explorer model has been developed for permanent use and for its container to feed fluid through an automatic self-refilling valve.

We have LED bulbs that are waterproof

Water LED bulbs are resistant to water splashes and are developed to make optimal use of the electricity produced by PowerSpot generators.

PowerSpot Nano weighs only 250 grams and fits in a pocket

We are talking about the smallest portable electric generator in the world. Despite its small size Powerspot Nano can generate an electric current of up to 10W and thanks to its regulated 5V/2A USB connector it is perfect for charging personal devices such as smartphones, tablets or mobile phones. It can also be used for illumination with LED bulbs.

You can generate electricity in your fireplace or stove

The higher capacity PowerSpot generators work perfectly on any type of burner (alcohol, kerosene, ...) or placed directly on a heat source (wood, charcoal, hot coals, stove ...). On the other hand, the most compact and portable models (Micro and Nano) are specifically developed to work with the flame of a conventional portable gas stove.

You can connect devices to PowerSpot by USB to recharge them

The PowerSpot generators have a power supply of 12 V and a USB connector for charging tablets, smartphones, mobile phones, lighting with USB light bulbs or to power small appliances. In addition, PowerSpot offers multiple connectors and adaptors.