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90,90€ + IVA

A Pocket Electric Generator

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Max power10 W
Max voltage5 V
Power (sustained)3-5 W
Operating independence50.000 h.
Operating temperature150 ºC - 400 ºC
Consumption per Hour50g gas or kerosene


Having minimum dimensions, it is indispensable as an emergency generator for the adventurous high mountaineer. PowerSpot Micro is designed specifically to work over the flame of a portable gas stove. Equipped with a USB output regulated to 5V/2A, it can generate an electric current of up to 10W. Under normal using conditions its output is 5W

Kit Contents

  • Mini-bulb USB
  • Cable multi-connector
  • Neopreno case
  • Instructions manual




Designed to charge phones, smartphones, mini-tablets, rechargeable batteries and power banks in the toughest conditions, using any heat source. It also powers any USB device or bulb and lights up to 10 PowerSpot Water LED bulbs that light up when it reaches 3.5V.

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